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    Bee Removal in Johannesburg and Pretoria Affordable R 1000.00 Per hive - Caring For You and the Bees

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    We charge a Flat Rate Removal of R 1000.00 per nest per site, anywhere in Gauteng. We gladly accept Cash or EFT.

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    Bee Removals Johannesburg

    Call or email us any time. We LOVE removing bees; day or night, 7 days a week, including all public holidays

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bee removals johannesburg

Bee Removal Services

We deliver a broad range of bee removal services that guarantee that your premises will be Bee FREE in a few days:
In most cases when bees are removed in very difficult or in accessible places like bees making a nest in the ceiling of the roof, it is not always possible to remove the combs. In cases like this, the bees will leave the nest leaving the combs. Nature has a way of cleaning up and wax moths and hive beetles will digest the larvae. This will subside after a few weeks and the affected area will then be completely bee free. Please close all holes with a good filler to prevent the bees from returning in the next swarming cycle in Spring to Autumn.


We remove 2000 beehives a year...

Professional, Guaranteed satisfaction for each Bee Removal Flat Rate Removal - R 1000.00 per hive. Why pay more? Call or SMS us now at 084 9113466 or 073 6395576 or 066 211 0055 (covering all cell networks)


Our Expert Bee Removals have removed bee nests from all over Gauteng

We LOVE removing bees; day or night, 7 days a week, including all public holidays, Call or email us any time.
Check out our site Bioafrica to see how happy the bees are once you have entrusted them to us. Under normal circumstances this removal takes between 15 minutes to 45 minutes to complete the job.
Often bees choose an inaccessible place to nest. In such cases major home remodelling is not advisable, so we use a secret mix of organic essential oils to force the bees to abscond from their nesting site in your house or on your property. We try very hard NOT TO KILL BEES as we are beekeepers' and understand their value.
Because bees often leave honey behind when they leave, it is normal to see other bees around the extracted site collecting the abandoned honey, but this should subside within a few weeks.
All Bee Removals carry a 30 Day Guarantee. We value our customers and want to make sure each job is to your satisfaction.


Bee Removal Roodepoort

I saw there was a bee hive near the braai so I decided to light it and see if that would sort it out but the bees went mad so I called Bee Removal Johannesburg to get it sorted. The guys came around and did a good job in removing the bees, was good to see the guys in their beekeeping outfits and I won't try lighting a fire near a bee nest again.”

Piet Van de Merwe, Roodepoort

Bee Removal Sandton

We live in a flat and are at the top where bees decided to move in up inside the roof. The bee removal guys used some really long tools and it took less than an hour and they were all gone.”

Jan Coetzee, Sandton

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