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    Bee Removal in Johannesburg and Pretoria Affordable R 1000.00 Per hive - Caring For You and the Bees

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    We charge a Flat Rate Removal of R 1000.00 per nest per site, anywhere in Gauteng. We gladly accept Cash or EFT.

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    Expert Bee Removals

    Call or email us any time. We LOVE removing bees; day or night, 7 days a week, including all public holidays

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Safe removal of bees

About Us

We remove bees in all areas of Gauteng for our flat rate of R 1000.00
Our Bee farmers are expert bee removal specialists, with well over 2000 bee hives removed in and around Johannesburg. In most cases the bees are removed live from the premisses but when bees have chosen very in accessible locations to nest, it is less easy for a bee removal.


We remove 2000 beehives a year...

Professional, Guaranteed satisfaction for each Bee Removal Flat Rate Removal - R 1000.00 per hive. Why pay R 1000.00 or more?
Through BioAfrica our parent company we have developed a non toxic, non poisons yet plant based compound that is used to spray into the entrance of the hive. This is such a smelly compound that the bees will instantly leave the hive and in most cases abscond to find a new home in a Less smelly place.

After the bees have left it is quite common to have robber bees form other hives who then steal the unguarded honey for the next few days or even weeks. Once this has happened the area will be bee free.
For more information about us visit our sister site Bioafrica.


No job is too high, too far, too tight, too dirty, and too dangerous; we cater to your needs!

Call or email us any time. We LOVE removing bees; day or night, 7 days a week, including all public holidays
Call or SMS us now at 084 9113466 or 073 6395576 or 066 211 0055 (covering all cell networks)



I thought that the bees would have to be poisoned or killed, but Bee Removal experts gave me an environmentally friendly service and now my problem bees are happy and alive on a farm!”

Mari Hertzog, Pretoria

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